Construct Classic is "officially" dead?

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  • I enjoy hearing, er, seeing, discussions that Classic is not dead. I have not tried any plugins yet. Need to find their locations and gander at them some time.

    Question about the one-day-in-the-future update for Classic. Will Classic come up with a notification that an update is available for download? If not, how would we all know about it? Email? Forum?

    Thank you.

  • We just released Classic r2, which hopefully will dispel any fears it's dead. I'll turn on the autoupdate notification after a few days, just to make sure there's nothing wrong with the new build.

  • Classic R2...just downloading !

    Thanks guys.

  • As for the layout trasition crash, it happens sometimes with me, and i think it is something with events/behavior being executed at the same time that the trasintion is called, the bug never happened when i have everything stopped.

    So kayin, before doing the trasition, try stop everything that is happening on the layout and test it and tell me if it works.

  • Im not at home to test, and busy with crunchtime on another project at the moment, but you reminded me Metal_X someone else mentioned that in another thread. I have a theory, and there's an easy way to test it. Its a shot in the dark, but if someone has a moment to try, it'd be helpful

    Make two layouts, and on each layout have only one object, and have the object doing something in an 'always' condition.   They should be two different object types, and they should each be doing something the other object cannot do, like one be a canvas object clearing the canvas, and the other a text object setting text, for instance. If im right it should crash everytime you change layouts with a transition. If this doesn't work, I have a second theory, for this one add more objects to one layout than the other, and use the objects you added last to be doing those 'always' actions...

    I uave one more idea, but ill have to look at the actual code to choose which two actions to make the objects do to crash it.

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  • When I put one object on one layout doing something "always" and then one object on a second layout doing something "always," I could switch back and forth without a problem.

    When I added a second object always doing something in the second layout, Construct crashed.

    I tried on 2 projects so far and both did it.

  • not crashing for me rook, could you dropbox the two projects?

  • k just an update for anyone who was trying that stuff. none of my theories were right. keep me up to date if you can figure out what conditions cause crashes

  • Nevermind. I think I crashed it cause I was putting things in the Always condition that should never, ever, go there. Hehe.

  • actually all crashes are bugs, but yeah, doesn't help us solve the layout thing.

  • I made a test and found something, when i press TAB to switch layout it goes to the second layout and immediately return to the first layout, because i made the same command for them, one going to the other when TAB is pressed. But the strage thing is that this happens only one time, the first time that i press TAB, after that it works fine.

    Maybe the crash bug has something with this?

    The cap file:

    Just press TAB one time and see what happens, then press again, and again...

  • Sadly I can't even contribute much to the bug hunt because it's far too intermittent for me to test accurately. But trying to pause everything between transitions might be the best option. It'll be a long while until I can be sure it helped any though.

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