Is Construct capable of 3D backgrounds?

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  • > fog isnt difficult to implement, just adjust opacity or filter settings based on Z height of each box id imagine


    Wouldn't that color the whole box instead of making a gradient-like effect depending on how close the 'camera' is?

    yea but thats the simplest way, you would only do it to very far out boxes anyways so i don't think it would be noticeable. having the effect applied to close ones would look ugly tho, but im assuming you just want it so that you have draw distance with a smooth buffer instead of boxes popping in when you hide/unhide them.

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  • Yeah, I'm looking to implement Touhou-style backgrounds as well.

    What I think I'll do is bunch several 3D boxes around in a clever fashion to emulate it as well as I can.

    I worked on a project a while back where you have to navigate a circle(physics) through a 3D maze.

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