Construct 0.99.42 released (stable)

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  • > It isn't stable. Stop.


    Quit whining (...)

    Excuse me for being off-topic, but try to rephrase comments in a more friendly way.

  • What he said!

  • I just said it isn't stable

  • and I just said that I think construct is fantastic

  • This is why scirra shouldnt mark builds "stable" or "unstable" because people wont touch "unstable" so no bugs reported (but probably still existing) untill its marked "stable" and BAM suddenly "unstable".

  • they should mark unstable and stable

    and people interested in helping construct become complete and stable

    and people more concerned with having the latest features and less concerned with stability can download the latest build

    which they will use, test, and report bugs

    people new to construct should be linked to the latest stable build on the download page

    and people concerned more with stability than the latest features use the last stable release

    this version may have been marked stable prematurely

    but that doesn't mean the entire practice of having stable and unstable builds is flawed

  • Lucid is right. I might have called it too early on this build, but it's still a sound idea. It's intended that people test unstable builds on backed-up copies of their work and report back any problems.

  • umm any progress with sprite bug?

    I mean the one crashing app if there is a single sprite object on screen

  • Which bug was that? I think I marked a bug similar to that as 'can't reproduce', so you'd need to provide a way for me to reproduce it.

  • Which bug was that? I think I marked a bug similar to that as 'can't reproduce', so you'd need to provide a way for me to reproduce it.

    t was this one and it's been automatically closed for inactivity. It's hard to fix without being able to reproduce it, but the fact remains that some change between 99.3 and 99.4 made the runtime Sprite crash on some hardware/software configurations

  • Yes thats the one, Everytime there is sprite ON THE SCREEN I get this error

    <img src="">

    if the sprite is placed outside layout, cap runs fine,

    If the sprite is set invisible with events, ei: start of the layout -> sprite set invisible cap runs fine

    but when there is a visible sprite on screen I get that error message, or sometimes "There is a bug in runtime ... please report to scirra" I got this second bug when playing with above events[visibility]

    It must be a render issue, I have Ati Radeon 9550. could some changes made in sprite.csx be incompatible with my video card?

  • I too have that sprite problem with Construct on one of my systems. It's a Pentium 3 with an Geforce fx 5200 (ps 2.0) and I'm using Windows xp sp3. My other system works fine with a Turion64x2 and ATI Radeon X1200 with Windows Vista sp1.

    What version of windows is used to develop Construct and did it change from 99.3 to 99.4?

  • I've never been able to reproduce it on my computer, so there is very little I can do: to me, everything looks like it works fine.

    I need more information, such as does saving/closing/re-loading have any effect, does it happen 100% of the time, are there any application settings that affect it, etc? Anything else you can think of that would be helpful? Also, does it happen specifically on 0.99.4 or 0.99.42 (they are different builds, listed here - this would help me track down the precise code changes that happened around then).

  • It happens in construct after V 9.4 [9.4 and 9.42], everything works fine in 9.3

    Saving/loading cap file? no it does not. and even if I try running .exe made by others in 9.4+ the .exe file crashes.

    I messed with app settings some, and discovered smth interesting. if I set app type to Application rather then Dx9 game It does not crash.

    also I noticed new bug, but I'm not sure whats causing it, if I resize resolution to smth other then 640x480 it crashes with this error.

    <img src="">

    It runs old big rez caps fine only crashes on new ones, I don't know if its new bug or old, I'll try reinstaling 9.42 and c++ runtime along with it, maybe it will help.

    oh and I have Xp Sp3 too

    I'll mess some more with app properties meanwhile

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  • I have a little issue with the 'objects' bar (the one that sits in between the layout editor and the 'Properties' bar).

    When I right-click in the objects-bar, and select the menu-option 'show object tree', the object bar becomes gray, and no longer responds to any mouse clicks.

    Is it me, or is it an issue with Construct?

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