Construct 0.98 released

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  • Yay! Merry Christmas! or how we say in spanish: "Feliz Navidad!"

    lets see if in this version i can mirror without problems xD

  • Blah, always problems with a huge new build.

    Okay, delete/edit action muddled up is fixed, and creating objects by index now has a correct offset (it was off by one).

    I can't reproduce any custom family issue however; is there any extra steps needed in that one?

    There'll be a new 0.98 tonight to fix those two issues above, and hopefully that's the end of the new introduced problems. Post quickly if there's other teething ones.

    Bone movement behavior problems that are known of

    • Clicking animation/resource properties will get you stuck in the editor
    • Hitting delete while editing a limb will remove it and cause a crash exiting the bone editor

    Any others there? These probably won't be fixed till 0.98.2, but both can safely and easily be avoided so it's not really a problem.

  • I can't reproduce any custom family issue however; is there any extra steps needed in that one?

    I think the Problem was that there were no objects in the family when we selected it.

  • [quote:kxi38nad]I think the Problem was that there were no objects in the family when we selected it.


    Plus variables, behaviors, are all or nothing.

  • OK folks, new build is uploaded which fixes edit/delete being the right way round and layer parameters now index from 1 again. Download again for these fixes - I think we're going to save the rest of the bug fixes for a 0.98.2 though.

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  • My request of "On button release" has successfully owned Cheez, who refused to be useful and request it himself (Since he said he shouldn't have to and doesn't really understand what "Beta" means ).

    Going to go play with bones. Merry Christmas!

    Edit: I also got an error with my game not displaying right anymore. It's layer related. Something about it reads one of the layers as not being real or something. If I delete a certain layer it fixes it, it seems. Not a problem for me, but I figure you guys might wanna look at that. I'll upload it sometime soon!

  • Eep, all layers are displayed backwards. LOL

    Looks like 0.98 is proving a bit problematic. Hold on a bit and we'll have a 0.98.2 out soon.

  • Actually, it's this: the bottom layer is displaying at the top in the current build. This is due to the layer indexing last minute fix having very unpredictable side effects! (Welcome to the software developer's world)

    Leave things be for now, or go back to 0.97.7 - we'll have a 0.98.2 out soon, which hopefully will have everything sorted.


  • I'm happy about this new release, thank you guys!

    I've been using Construct for a bit over a month now, and it's lovely. I just registered here.

    A suggestion for future releases is to post the builds in the boards before they are posted on the front page, since the people here can deal with finding all the crippling bugs pretty well.

  • Hah, not exactly a difficult fix here. Blank layer on the bottom = Good enough temporary solutions!

    I got some comments on ways I think the bone editor could be improved I'll probably write up soon! It's very impressive, especially as a beta, but I think some changes would make it super mpressive! (or it's already super impressive and could be MEGA IMPRESSIVE? Who knows!)

    Good work, guys!

  • That's awesomeness!

    Keep up the great work!

  • Oh, my, god.. Rpg tileset movement? reproductions of Phantasy Star anyone? I think so. Great build guys, please go take a break or something.

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