Construct 0.97 released

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  • Could someone post an example of how to use the mesh distortion feature? I can't figure out how to work it. No matter what numbers I put in, it just looks like the plain old default sprite (and yeah, I set up the mesh rows/columns in a Start of Layout event).

  • Yay for scirra!!!!!!!

  • Aw, finally, Plasma is in there, and I decided I wasn't going to use Construct any more. Wish me luck.

  • Thank you Scirra

  • Nice update. Some excellent new features in there.

    Could you send your .cap to ? I'll see if I can do anything about it. Alternatively, you can try the old delete-stuff-till-it-works approach.

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  • Awesome... nice to see find has made an appearance again!!

    I also seem to be getting what linkman described - I'll send you the cap.

  • There is a problem with the particles object in this build. A hotfix should be coming right up. This is the cause of the problems in both files you sent me, faggatron and linkman.

  • nice one ashley! was wondering why I coudlnt make particles work in the layout that didnt crash.

    EDIT: Hotfix stops crash, tyvm!!

  • Hotfix should be live now... seems to be OK... hopefully that'll work - it should fix both your files.

  • Sweet! It works now! Thanks for the quick fix.

  • Hotfixes never work for me I turned all firewalls off, including router.

  • very great!

  • When you change theme in the drop down box in the preferences, the apply button doesn't become enabled. Other than that, sweet update and construct really looks awesome with the new themes support!

    Edit: Actually, "apply" never becomes enabled for me when changing any setting.

  • another grat update! I'm so glad i didn't have any problems with loading earlier developed game in this build

    I have one question though. I had a pretty big (in a sense of number of objects) layout. I wanted to get rid of it, I wasn't going to use it, so I deleted it. Later on I noticed that construct tells me, I can't give my object name of the sprite that was in the previously deleted layout. So it made me wonder, are those sprites saved somewhere in the cap despite I deleted the layout they were on? And no, I don't have them placed in any other layout. And YES! they show up in the event sheet editor as objects for actions and conditions. So the real question is are these objects going to be exported in the final exe despite the fact, that they are not used anywhere? and how can I delete them if I can at all?

  • thank you to update your program frequently !

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