Construct 0.96.4 released

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  • ALL HAIL SCIRRA! /bow /praise

  • Nice

    Will the next be 0.95 or are you going to squeeze more time before 1.0 with all the 0.00.1 releases hehe

    Either way, bring them on!

  • I notice that destroying physics objects leaves their collision masks or something behind? Try creating a physics object, destroy it and create one on top, the object will sit on top of where the old object used to be. Is there supposed to be a second action used to stop the physics behaviour before the object itself?

  • sounds wierd... but you could probably disable the movement when you destroy the sprite as a temporary workaround.

  • I don't think that you can disable the physics movement yet.

  • Nice update... I think the physics features will be very useful...


  • Wowowowow! The new custom collision masks are too cool. I've just spent the last half hour making weird and funky shapes just to see how well it worked. I can even make concave shapes! This is a HUGE step for the physics engine.

    Great job, guys! Keep up the good work!

  • awesome about autosaves, it's pissed me off so many times automatically CORRUPTING my files

  • did you remove ctrl+F find in this version?? It's not working, that was extremely useful

  • Im so glad the sprite resizing was fixed.

  • Have you fixed the sprite shrinking??

  • I think so. Try it and see.

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  • linearaim is a nice addition, I just added something similar to a current project of mine, but had to work out all the maths myself, so this definately makes things much easier when making this sort of thing in future .

    One thing that might be nice to add to it though (or a separate function) is take into account the rotation speed of the turret, so you would have like current turret angle and rotation speed as parameters aswell as all the others, and it would predict where it would have to rotate to.

    It might not be necessary but I think it would help in this sort of situation, if not others:

    <img src="">

    This will probably also make the maths much harder.

  • Couldn't you just use 'Rotate toward angle' and put in the linearaim expression? Then it will always rotate toward where it needs to aim to hit the target.

  • but imagine that the turret moves really slowly, and the bullet moves really fast, by the time it takes the turret to rotate to the angle at which linearaim gives on the first tick, the position it needs to fire at will have changed, and so will the linearaim expesssion, so it will have to keep rotating more, and won't actually get to the point on time.

    What I'm proposing is to make it work out exactly what is the best angle to fire at after (i suppose) x ticks that it will take to rotate to that position.

    As long as the speed of the target stays constant, so will the angle it's meant to be firing at.

    You might be right, I havent tested if that works, this is just my intuition, not sure if its necessary at all. It just seems to me that the current expression assumes that rotation is instant.

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