camera idea for 3D

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  • The SDK works for me in express now but it won't build the plugins from the main construct build, i posted about that a while back here but nobody replied -

  • no i give up!!! i'll look for other software for now, if this feature is added one day or something similar, maybe i'll come back to construct, as for now, to make it myself i'd have to ask let's say from a to z exacly were to put my stuff, and how to access what i need to, so it would be more a "make it for me" thread than a help request lol, so i'll continue to look around hopping to find a software like what i need, that mean, similar to gamemaker/construct, but with the 3D feature of gamemaker in more powerfull, because the kind of game i want to make need to much ressources under gamemaker, would run find under blender, but here's a fact about gamemaking under blender, the visual interface called the logic bricks to handle events/actions the way they are made simply make no senses, you have to rely the"event" to the controller(object) and rely this one to the actions with small lines, so in no time those lines looks more like a "spider web" than something else, so if you want to modify something you have to follow the appropriate line, it's not well organised like GM and construct, to get rid of those you can learn python...i'm ok with that as i'm already confortable with the syntax and everything, but here's the catch, blender's script editor does'nt import automaticly it's feature like construct does, and lately in each new version everything changes, that mean that each script that worked in a version won't work in the others, so you have to look for the new documentation each time to adapt your scripts, and that discouraged me since i had great work done on the 2.49 version, that don't work in the new version, and the documentation is all mixed up between all the new versions since 2.5(now 2.57), i will still use the software but only to create my 3d models, as it can export in a lot of format. Sorry if somebody was hopping that i could do it, but i'm not advanced enought in c++ and d3d to do it, so for now i'll leave construct and continue my research, 3d rad looks great i'm is still not what i'm looking for, if construct have add that feature it may have been exacly what i was loocking for, but too bad, guess i'll stick to GM until something better come's out, as even in the lite version i could achieve almost everything that is possible in construct, but with the advantage that i know it almost from a to z lol, the 3d part may not be powerfull enough, but at least i can place my vision where i want it without having to learn delphy loll,

    edit: thinking of it i think i'll stay under construct when i want to make 2D games, because i like the interface, and being python scripts compatible gives me a chance to practice my "python skills" under it, guess i'll just park my biggest project until i fall on the "tool" i need to make it lol

  • beds, just skimmed through the posts but judging by your last post, it sounds like you may want to try Unity.

  • thanks for the advice i'll go check some video if there is some to see how's the interface, and wich scripting language is compatible, because i need something python or java script capable lol

    edit: nice it's java script compatible, and from what i can see in the video i just watched i might be just what i was loocking for , thank you a hundred times!!! downloading right now lol

  • Unity is NICE! but be prepared for a pretty steep learning curve, compared to Construct. From their site -

    [quote:2wc9mhrh]Unity supports three scripting languages: JavaScript, C#, and a dialect of Python called Boo. All three are equally fast and interoperate. All three can use the underlying .NET libraries which support databases, regular expressions, XML, file access and networking.

    Should be what you're after.

    edit> No worries. Check out tornadotwins tutorials on YouTube. They'll help you get into it pretty quick. Just think of Unity as Construct3D. Never abandon Construct though 'cause it's just as useful as a prototype tester as it is for developing full games

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  • Foll 2D games.

  • y'a i know i first started my game in 2d and then decided to convert to 3d, i'm loocking at infiniteammoinc tutorials right now and yeah it look pretty much like a mix of blender/construct lol

    think i'm gona like it a lot loll

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