Sir War-A-Lot released on Steam

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  • Hi Fellow Devs.

    Would like to share my game with everyone that has finally released after two and a half years of hard work. Phew, what a journey, but It is not over yet. Now to support the game and make it as good as it can be :)

    One thing I've noticed when exporting using NWJS 47 using Greenworks plugin 014 and steam SDK 1.49 is that if you close the game and open it again you just get a black screen and you have to manually go into task manager and kill of the nwjs processes. It creates a bad experience for the player of the game and I'm trying to find a fix for this.

    One suggestion was to use NWJS 33.3, but if I export using that it breaks the layering in my game so wish me luck in finding a fix.

    Other than that all is good and achievements works just fine.

    You can see the game at below link if you are interested.

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  • it looks so beautiful congratulations

  • Thanks Eren

    Its a mix of purchased art, self created art and royalty free free art provided by some awesome pixel artist around the web.

    For my next game I'm doing all the art myself so the game can be unique.

    It just takes sooooo looong though :)

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