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  • Hi guys,

    Been working on this game for the last 3-4 months in my spare time. Shukuchi - translated from Japanese means "shrink earth method". This fast paced, high octane project will be available within the coming months on multiple different platforms, but primary Android and iOS.


    Unique, high speed game-play.

    Teleport system - instantly attack an enemy, or use it if you are stuck.

    80 Normal levels.

    8 Boss levels.

    Predictive aim ninja star throwing system.


    Current progress:

    Main engine (this is always getting altered as the levels are created)

    Life system - Complete

    Teleport system - Complete

    Ninja stars system - Complete

    Enemy AI - Complete

    Boss AI - 6/8 Complete

    Graphics - Mostly complete (like the engine, always getting altered to give optimal performance)

    Transitions - Complete

    Scrolling level select - Complete

    Pause w/ options - Complete

    Shadows - Main character shadows complete, work in progress on enemies/boss'

    Sounds - Base sounds in for testing purposes, will change nearer release to final sounds.

    Levels - 12/80 release ready

    Boss Levels 1/8 release ready

    So, majority of the main stuff is out of the way, now I'm on the long slog of create all the levels. It seems to take around 3-4 hours to fully complete and finalise a level so I'm a long way off, but here's some screen shots as of some levels so far! I hope you enjoy.

    Oh and a big thank you to dop2000 for helping me with the local storage and other bits and pieces along the way (plus some of his forum posts have been superb in aiding with some other things)!

    A level in progress!

    Teaser vid to come in the coming weeks!

  • Currently filling in levels 13-19 with enemies, consumables and traps, the second boss AI has had some modifications and currently just need to refine health/damage amounts from the players character and the boss itself. Little snippet of the events used to create some of the AI.

    The boss will teleport to a random location every 3.5 seconds, shoot ninja stars at the players character every second along with a basic enemy being spawned randomly every 5 seconds (they also throw ninja stars at you).

  • Looks really cool 👍!

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  • Thanks Gugogon!

    Bern a quiet few weeks been busy with other things but slowly changed all the local storage code for the game over the this time.

    Now have a fully fledged system on the go that will save current level score, best score, current star level, best star level, revamped music and vibrate system along with trophies and language select.

    Just need to refine all artwork now then progress and make some more levels!

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