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  • Name: 1090

    Platform: Android

    Genre: Puzzle

    Engine: Construct 3 (Personal Edition)

    Distribution model: free

    Developer: i am alone

    Minimalistic 2d puzzle on the accumulation of victory points.

    Download link:



    - At the beginning of the game you have 20 turns.

    - The success rate is shown in brackets.

    - With each failure, the chance will increase.

    - With every luck the chance will decrease.

    - If successful, you get these points.

    - Each line has its own characteristics:

    Line 1: increase in points with the chance indicated in the cell;

    Line 2: increase in points with the chance indicated in the cell, in case of failure - loss of player points;

    Line 3: an increase in the chance of 10% of the first and second rows of the selected column for the number of points specified in the cell;

    Line 4: adds the number of moves specified in the cell for the specified number of points;

    Line 5: at a time, adds the specified number of points. At the end of the game, the points obtained in these cells are taken away in double size.

    To win the game you need to score 1090 points or more.

    P.S. Sorry for my english.


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