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  • ● The classic game of the times when there was no Internet.

    ● The best game for the company.

    ● Great time spending with friends.

    ● Stories that would make everyone laugh would not always come to mind, and perhaps these stories have long been familiar to everyone. Here, a good game for the company - it will help you create many new, incredible and funny stories.

    ● The game is available in two languages ​​- Russian, Ukrainian

    ● What do we do in the beginning? - Enter the names of the players. Next, the players take turns answering questions. Here is a list of questions to be answered:

    ● Who!?

    ● With whom?

    ● When?

    ● Where?

    ● What they were doing?

    ● Who's come?

    ● What did he say?

    ● What did they say to him?

    ● And how did it all end?!

    Download it here

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