3D Z Mesh Elevation Obsession - free project with Z mesh aka MODE7

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mesh 3D objects "hemisphere, oval, tunnel and other various shapes."
  • The C3 3D features are all really new, in 6 months to a years time I'd wager that they are much more fleshed out and that 3D games in C3 will be pretty straightforward to make. It's a huge thing really considering there are no other engines that can do this without coding AFAIK. I doubt it will ever be a full 3D engine like Unity etc. but I think it will handle a lot of the stuff that indie devs use Unity for.

    It's already pretty crazy that I can set up the bones of a first person shooter or 3D racing game from scratch in 15 mins.

    Super excited to see where it goes.

  • Hi rufson, I downloaded the example file from github but how do you position the objects? please thanks in advance

  • Hi Mario03

    I strongly recomment to use native build in Construct 3: 3Dshape and 3DCamera plugins instead of my example that was created before those plugins.

    If you are looking for smth like mode7 racer game you should check this example:


    Happy constructing!

  • Me too working with Mode7 in full time !!!! Love Mode7 !!!!

    Here's my Project in Development 3 years in the work progress cause this ain't easy at all, thinking of all the mechanics behind a completed Mode7 Game,

    the Jump Kart mechanics,

    the item pick up mechanics

    the Drift mechanics

    the special items mechanics

    the Motion Angles mechanics

    the coalitions mechanics for all the karts

    the grass mechanics

    the rubber tires mechanics

    the smoke tires mechanics

    the Two Players Mechanics

    the Blend Mode Mechanics for Two Screens at the same time

    the Tires moving mechanics

    the Sprite animation Movement Mechanics

    the coalition Mechanics with Walls

    the Smooth Mechanics moving the Kart from side to side

    the Curve Mechanics

    the spawn Item Mechanics

    the Random item Mechanics

    the dozens of Group Mechanics

    the ins and out of Grass Mechanics

    the Dirt Mechanics

    the inside water mechanics

    the Sky Mechanics

    the extra Speed Mechanics

    the ect ect ect ect mechanics to achieved a Mode7 its not easy to accomplished.

    People just think of getting a Capx and that it , But the only thing the Capx Hold its the movement of the Ground but there its a lot more than that !!!!


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  • i had no idea that construct3 beta is a thing, do you have to pay for it?

    i just made a thing yesterday

    where you can go up and down in first person like what you made but with blocks and not this meshy flexible ground

  • toasted_water

    Yes, you have to pay but you can also use up to 25 events in free version and maybe more if you register(I don't remember)

    Here is 3D project from the build-in template: https://editor.construct.net/#open=first-person-platformer

  • Hey Folks,

    I had obsession with new Z elevation mesh feature since Construct Beta...and here you can watch a fraction what you can do with it. Doom is coming;)

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    And here is a free aka mode7 project file I made with Zelevation feature. Feel free to use it as you like.


    more soon...



    Do you have any capx of this same example with Construct2 !!???? Just curious !!!

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