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  • Update June 21st 2018: we are arranging a review separately so the community review is no longer needed.


    I'm afraid that despite the pt-BR translation reaching 100%, it failed review. There are a large number of poor-quality or nonsensical translations. We suspect many of these were done by machine translation. (Please note the latest translation guidelines ban machine translation and rewards will not be issued for anyone using them.) These translations need to be fixed before we can enable the pt-BR translation in Construct 3. It's possible these poor translations are due to past suspicious activity that resulted in a contributor being banned.

    How to help fix the translation

    I've enabled the "Fuzzy" option for all existing translations. This is essentially an on/off checkbox. The button is labelled "F" to the right of the translation.

    What needs to happen now is:

    • Please go through the translations and read them.
    • If the translation is OK, turn off the "fuzzy" checkbox to indicate it has been checked.
    • If the translation is poor, please improve the translation, and then turn off the "fuzzy" checkbox to indicate it has been fixed.
    • If the translation is poor but you don't know how to fix it, please leave the "fuzzy" checkbox enabled and move on - this will leave it for someone else who might know how to fix it.

    Link removed since community review has been cancelled

    In the end, this means every translation will have been either verified or fixed. Hopefully most of the work is just proofreading which should be quicker than actually translating.

    Please make sure the translations are good quality. In particular, do not use machine translation like Google Translate, since these translations are inappropriate and may be the reason the translation failed review. We will perform another review once all "fuzzy" checkboxes have been toggled off. If the translation fails to pass review again, we will restart this process, and continue doing so until the translation can pass review, but this will considerably delay the translation being enabled by default and the issuing of rewards to contributors. It will be overall fastest to take the time to make sure it is a good quality translation now, rather than trying to rush it.

    Thanks to all contributors for your help with translations or proofreading. We're very keen to ultimately have it enabled, since we have many Brazilian users and we think this will help more of them use Construct 3. Apologies for the delay in enabling the translation and issuing rewards, but we want to make sure the translation is good quality before we publish it for Construct 3.

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