What is your plugin dev workflow?

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  • Currently I am using C3IDE. I create a special, lightweight C3 project per plugin.

    After I make a change to the plugin I save/close Construct. Then I save & stop/start C3IDE web server. Then, continue.

    That seems to be there only way to make changes propagate throughout. Is this the general expectation or is there a better way?

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  • If you configure the web server to disable caching (which should just mean sending a Cache-Control: no-store header on all responses), you should not need to restart the web server.

  • fingerskier I just pushed out an update to c3ide to set "Cache-Control: no-store" header to all the responses, please let me know if you run into any issues!

  • Thank you...I got the update and I see the header is set (in dev-tools) but I seem to be in the same spot.

    For instance: I open localhost/mod/addon.json in a browser; then bump the version number; then reload - it does not show the new version number.

    If I just hit Stop then Start it doesn't update either. However, if I hit Stop then "Test C3 Addon" then I get the new version number...

    On the Construct side: is there a way to reload add-ons with restarting the app?

  • fingerskier Okay I think I might know what might be happening, so when you make changes to the addon code in c3ide, you need to click on the button that says (Compile Only)

    this process get ran when you click Test C3 Addon, that step is what create the actual files that will be served to construct. this is needed because the way c3ide handles the addons files differs from the final structure of the actual addon. its what combines all the aces into the ace.json/the lang.json/ and the actual implementations, so when you make changes in order for it to be reflected in files the web server is sending to construct you need to rerun this step. (you can leave the web server on while you run this process)

    Also There is a setting in options called Compile on Save (which will do this automatically when you save the project), so you can just start the web server, and when you make changes and save, it should good to go on the web server. i don't recall if you still need to restart construct, i don't recall if they cache the dev add when it loads?

  • Very good, thank you.

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