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  • derikvlogConstruct 3 does have its own JSON plugin :

  • I need the Bound to layout Plus plugin and the Scroll To Plus plugin to be converted to C3, please both are from blackhornet, any help?

  • blackhornet thank you for this super helpful utility.

    I see that it also generate templates for the C3 runtime files but for example for the instance class in instance.js it would be nice if it names it behaviorIdInstance instead of the default MyBehaviorInstance.

    Same thing in behavior.js and type.js.

  • Can someone please convert Canvas+ to construct 3? I've recently bought a game to learn a few things from it's event sheet but can't open it because of the missing plugin :(

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  • Updated.

  • Why are changing function arguments when use -c3stub


    original code

    function test(a){

    if (a == "b"){

    return a



    When -c3stub is used

    function test(_a){

    if (a == "b"){

    return a



    result : "a" argument cannot find because it has changed.


  • Eren

    Which plugin? I don't this myself.

  • for example


    Acts.prototype.Pin = function (obj, imgpt, mode_)



    Acts.prototype.SetActivated = function (s)


    Acts.prototype.SetTargetAngleToPos = function (tx, ty, clockwise_mode)


    you can download rex_rotateto and rex_pin2imagepoint here

  • Hey, first of all thank you for this tool, it's super usefull.

    I discovered a minor bug, when the keys of the returned object of "GetPluginSettings", are not between double-quotes like this :

    function GetPluginSettings() {
     return {
     name: "XXXX",
     id: "XXXX",
     version: "XXXX",
     description: "XXXX",
     author: "XXXX",
     "help url": "XXXX",
     category: "XXXX",
     type: "XXXX",
     rotatable: "XXXX",
     flags: "XXXX",
     dependency: "XXXX"

    I get an error "object reference not set to an instance".

    I did decompile your .exe file and followed up the error and it comes from C2C3ACReader.cs from line 184 -> 222 where you compare for example :

    if (string.Compare(strArray1[0], "\"name\"") == 0)

    remove the \"\" and it will work perfectly for keys without quotes, since in Javascript object keys are not supposed to be surrounded by quotes if not need

    if (string.Compare(strArray1[0], "name") == 0)


  • Eren

    I never delve into the C2 runtime itself, it just gets copied across. I'm not going to start now. c3stub was invented only so people could load in a plugin in the C3runtime so they could get rid of it. I hadn't actually intended for it to help with the C3 conversion.

    Sorry, I'm not going to bother fixing that. You should be able to just copy the function(...) portion of the code along with the rest of it and solve the issue quickly.

  • Eren

    c3stub was invented only so peole could load in a plugin in the C3runtime so they could get rid of it. I hadn't actually intended for it to help with the C3 conversion.

    I understand. thanks for the description

  • Hi

    I have an old project on C2 and need the plugin "Sprite Sheet" converted into C3. The original plugin name is "rojo_spritesheet"

    I need an urgent help, anybody to do this?

    Thank you so much.

  • Anybody please renew links... cannot dawnload... 404 error... or if anybody have this programm (C2C3AddonConverter.exe) please share it..

  • sultonboy Fixed.

  • sultonboy Fixed.

    not running on windows 7(((

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