Eren's ported plugins with modules support

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  • Thank you very much!

  • If someone could help me with the last post I made about those rex plugins, I'd pay them a little through Venmo or something. IDK what a fair price is, but from the forums I've read it doesn't look too hard to get these things updated completely. Maybe like $40?


    Then maybe we could post them on the plugin page. I know there are some very expensive plugins you can buy that do these things for you. I would like to see these made more publicly available to encourage new developers.

  • haypers Ok. I'll consider adding module support to these plugins. If I succeed in doing this, I'll publish ready-made plugins in this topic.

  • GameSoul, if you could do that, that would be amazing. If you could get the plugin updated again with module support and the ability to be minified by the compiler, I would gladly pay you a little money for your time!

    Thanks for the response.

  • I added modules support to all the plugins, that haypers asked except Rex_Firebase_ApiV3. I have a problem in it (more detailed here

    If someone knows how to fix this, let me know. Here is the link to the plugins:

  • I finally added modules support to Firebase plugins. Thanks to Mikal for the help.

    Download link (Authentication, APIv3, LeaderBoard, SaveData):

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  • Thanks so much, GameSoul! You are a life saver. I'll try them out today, and let you know how they go! My offer for some compensation still stands.

  • GameSoul! The new plugins work great! Thanks so much! They still can't be minified in any way, or construct gives you an error. But I can confirm that they are working. Thanks for your hard work!

  • Hi

    I tried so many other plugins and now I am trying my luck here.

    I used Rex firebase authentication addon and FirebaseAPIV3 and I tried google login on construct 3 debug and it succeeded! However when I export it to APK and test it on my phone it doesn't work anymore. On firebase user authentication I can see my login history from construct 3 debug.

    On api key I initially had browser key (which is the one worked on construct 3 debug but it didn't work on built mobile app, it did not have any reaction) so I tried inserting android key next then building it. I tried it on my mobile app again and I got a message saying "operation not supported in this environment"

    Also just to be sure, is this addon only for web browser?

    Otherwise, can anyone help me with this issue?

    Thank you in advance.

  • I could never get google to work for me either. I think that it only works after export if you have signed up to be a google authentication distributor, and I could never figure out their user interface. I use the email and password login for my users.

  • Thank you so much for your quick reply! Sucks it didn't work out. I'll try some other things then, but still thanks again.

  • danielkim3d for Firebase w/ C3, I recommend:

    Actively maintained by a great dev w/ dedicated Discord server for support.

  • is it possible to redo the zigzag plugin?

  • It's strange, I updated and even uninstalled the plugin several times, but when I try to run the layout, where the object has Lunarray_LiteTween:, there is such an error on the page.

  • sTARKi I tested with the official behavior example in the latest release (r251) and it previewed without issue. Please, send me the .c3p file with this error.

    OK, I'll try to update this addon.

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