Drawing plugins now supported in r68

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  • I also wanted to check in to see if any more progress had been made?

  • Quick question, so in order for the plugin to actually draw it has to be a "World" type plugin? is there a way to have a Single Global Plugin call the Draw function of the instance? SDKInstanceBase does not seem to have the Draw method where i can access the renderer, only SDKWorldInstanceBase.

    so for the plugin i'm creating it's currently a single global plugin, which holds an array of x,y coord, on every draw call i'm trying to draw a line between all points, but since it's currently extending from SDKInstanceBase the Draw method is not being called.

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  • Yes, only world instances can draw.

  • Does the C3 runtime now support dedicated mesh rendering functions? I'm a Creature user and learned this is required for efficient Creature support. Thanks.

  • It's been possible for a long time already with the existing API as I previously described:

    You can render meshes using quads. It simply means you draw two adjacent triangles at a time. If there are an odd number of triangles, you can issue a single triangle by issuing a quad with two points at the same position, i.e. a triangle and a degenerate triangle.

    We don't have a dedicated mesh function yet, but it would only be a slight optimisation compared to that, so it doesn't seem essential.

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