Construct 3 plugin SDK v1

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  • > Thanks locohost and ASHLEY. I'll wait for r70.


    Sorry I wasn't more helpful <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_sad.gif" alt=":(" title="Sad">

    No worries locohost , it ended up being the bug Ashley mentioned (the same setup worked with the newer r70.2). Your pointer to node.js, and your server.js were very helpful to get everything up and running. What plugins are you working on?

    As an aside, in my experimenting, I also got this working using node.js

    (install via npm install http-server)

    In dev plugin dir run:

    http-server -S --cors="Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *"[/code:3s0we5bd]
    However, it's not as good as your setup, I think it only handles static files, so you need to restart it after you change the addon source files, while you setup handles it dynamically, so I'm going to stick with your setup.
    Also an easy source for self-signed certs is: [url=][/url] I would not trust this for other uses, but I'm ok with it on my local PC.
  • That selfsignedcert link is good! That's waaaay easier that what I did. Thanks for sharing

  • lucid - behaviors were added recently, but drawing related stuff is still not implemented yet. (forum post here: behaviors-now-supported-in-sdk_t191739)

    martdsam - Here is a big list of addons for C2 : c2-plugins-and-behaviors-list_t65170

    If i remember reading correctly somewhere, I believe there's a plan to keep a better repository within addon manager for C3 down the road, integrated directly in it.

    but for now i've been hosting a constrct 3 compatible addon list here: c2-plugins-and-behaviors-list_t65170

    with the ability to submit new links here: ... g/viewform

    Hi justifun the link to construct 3 plugins list is actually list of c2 plugins

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  • It would be really helpful to have a data type for plain JavaScript object.

    On my plugin (Colyseus) I'm using the "variadic" type to allow multiple options, but my scenario it would be ideal to have multiple options with custom names. (like x=1, y=2, z=3)

    I had to parse the data later, and the usage is not intuitive. The user should then enter the name of the option, "=", and the value. Using strings.

    Are there any plans to support more data types? Cheers!

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