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  • Good work Tom!

    I found two bugs:

    First, on /addons/create, (without /make-games in the url, linked to via the bottom of the "Your Addons" page at /addons/manage) I can see checkmarks for "Official Addon" and "Built In Addon". I haven't actually tried submitting anything there but normal users probably shouldn't be able to access to those I think.

    And another small visual bug: There is a visible text overflow in addon descriptions on very long lines. Seen at /make-games/addons/111/colyseus-multiplayer

    Do you want to continue using this thread for future bug reports or should I use the Construct 3 issue tracker on Github?

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  • Tom I some other suggestion that might be helpful for the plugin exchange.

    1. Ability to upload Screenshot/gif... would be good for effects and such, as you would wanna see some examples of what it would actually look like.

    2. Maybe later down the line even embed/iframe an exported html5 project to test example files directly.

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