Was that addon ported?

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  • This is the file if anyone wants to take a look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kEY71NJBIgp09-q3S46ZCih7TrvsXX9R/view?usp=sharing

  • Yes, as I thought, the plugins have not been ported in a while. You can try contacting the author.

    One thing you can do in the meantime is disable worker mode in the project settings. These plugins should work fine if the game doesn't run inside a worker.

  • GameSoul updates plugins. maybe we can replace it with new links


  • skymen Thank you very much for your answer :) I will stop trying now... I was really having a bad time trying to make this work without knowing what was really going on

    I read on the forum some issues regarding disable worker mode, but I still have a black screen lol

    Since we are here, can you recommend me a plugin or a method that can do the job? I really got lost this week, I see many different methods, different plugins, javascript, firebase, ajax + mysql and php..... I am doing my best to understand them, but maybe if you can point me to some direction, it´d be great.

    What I need to do is let the user register (ideally) and save variables such as time played, score, selected character, etc. I really don´t mind about security, since this is a game for a small group of kids in a school, there is no sensible data.

    What do you think would be the easiest method? If I need to get a paid plugin I will do it somehow with a friend living somewhere else.

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  • Eren thank you very much for the links, I try to use this right now. I really got lost with versions, updates, or even methods.... sometimes I see tutorials "no plugins required" but I really get lost in the process of the tutorial itself. hopefully using this plugins makes a bit easier sending and receiving data from firebase :)

  • Eren and skymen thank you so much for your help :) I really got the thing working until I needed Itemtable, which I thought I could compensate with SaveSlot , but I really don´t know how to ......

    I followed skymen advice and just bought Sparsha plugin, at least the basic version, hopefully I can start understanding everything a bit more.

    So anyways, I wantet to thank you both for your kind help :)

    Hopefully I don´t need it, but I will keep checking if there is an update on Itemtable.

    Thank you!

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