Russian language: 3D, updated translations, and more! (2021)

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    My name is Vladimir, I am a regular translator of Construct 3 in Russian for at least half a year. You may notice some of my translations: for example, on the main page when starting C3 or when creating logic blocks. There was quite a lot of new content added in this update. Let's go to the news!


    — Shape is called as "Фигура"

    — Translated phrases for the event sheet

    — Translated phrases shape settings

    More exaples

    For several months now, developers have been adding more and more different examples of using their engine. It is no exception that there are new words to translate. Dozens of different examples have been translated over the past few months.


    Unfortunately, the Construct 3 program does not offer a subscription for translators, so some translations may not be accurate. Tell us all the mistakes and shortcomings that you find.

    reviver200 Ashley


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