Xbox Live Leaderboards with multiple pages?

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  • Hi! Did anyone already use the Xbox Live Leaderboards to make custom boards with multiple pages?

    It was very easy to add the Top10 highscores with GetLeaderboards and limit it to 10.

    But will it download all entries if I use the default value of 0 for number of entries for GetLeaderboard? Or do I still need to use a number like 10 (on screen at once) and use the LeaderboardTotalRows to determine the total amount of entries? Would be nice to see how you solved this since there are no examples how to use the plugin.

    Right now I have 10 entries on a page and want to switch pages with LB/RB. Do I need multiple GetLeaderboard actions for every page and use "Skip to rank" for each page?

    I also use the Flush action on start of layout on the highscore layout and then just "Wait 6 sec" before getting leaderboard data to get the latest numbers.

    Any better solutions for this? Or wait more/less?

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