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  • Hi everyone I definitely need your help because I don't jump out using the Game pad object I managed to simulate the control of the legs. With the left analog stick in position on the X axis less than zero the leg moves outwards with the value instead positive the left leg moves inwards. same concept I applied it to the right analog stick I'm using the PlayStation 4 gamepad. In construct doing this It is very simple just make axis appear. With the double virtual joypad it is different. I looked at your codes and tutorials but no one makes the character move with both virtual sticks. I'm interested in that. from what I have seen on the Internet everyone makes the character move with the left analog stick while the right is used to rotate it. surely from what I understand you have to record the input using the expression Touch. the problem is I don't know how to use it.

    can you give an example where there are 2 virtual gamepads and each of them is able to make an object move even at the same time? I also add that if I don't use the virtual pad but I use the touch object I don't have these problems I can make all parts of the character move at the same time. I used 4 sprites on the left simulating the left analog lever and 4 on the right simulating the right analog lever. thanks to who helps me- SORRY FOR MY LANGUAGE! I’M ITALIAN! :D


  • Sorry, I don't really understand your question. Check this link, there are a few example of virtual gamepad, including double thumbsticks.

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  • thank you very much but I was able to solve the problem. I had to register the touch not via touchID but via touch.touchXAt. now works. thank you

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