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  • El Constructorr

    So far so good! I have been making my way through your example and testing it on my project. Thank you very much for the clear explanations! I think I had a user error on my part, I was trying to implement UID on my project and I must have been using the wrong event sheet. This time through it appears to be working fine.

    I do have another snag though - I can't seem to write anything in quotation marks within the function. I don't understand why.

    Earlier when I was attempting to play with BBcode I ran into this problem - this forum post fixed it:


    However, using that example in the function parameters it ignores any attempts at using quotation marks. What am I missing? I attached the project back with my question. I am scratching my head on this one. I used double quotations to fix it? Does bbcode behave differently inside of a function?

    file is here:


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  • I know why, and that's my fault, I'm sorry.

    While making that function, I assumed BBCodes need to be written in quotations each time, so I 'skipped' reading them in the function. But I just checked it works anyway as part of the main text.

    Anyway, this is how you can fix my function in the _global layout:

    (remove the highlighted part)

    Once done, use Dop2000's technique of double-quotation to insert a quote within a text. Should work.

  • El Constructorr

    Awesome, that worked! I have been plugging away without an incident since your updates and instructions. I do have one lingering question however -

    I have been trying to insert bb code line breaks [ br ][ /br ] in the body of text to break up lines the way I want them to look. (A certain sentence on line 1 (break) Next sentence on line 2, etc.) The reason why is the function reads text to the very end of the textbox. Only when the text word touches the boundary of the textbox it wraps it to the next line. I am trying to avoid that to make it look cleaner for animation of the typewriter function by forcing bb code line breaks. However, it doesn't seem to be working. (This could easily be user error on my part.)

    I found two workarounds:

    Workaround 1: I copy and paste my text into a Wordpad doc. Then, I arrange each line the way I want them presented. After that, I copy the Wordpad text and put it back into the Function parameter field. That seems to do the trick. I guess Wordpad is forcing an invisible line break without me having to code it? No idea, but it seems to work.

    Workaround 2: I add a ton of spaces to break up each line I want broken to the next line. This makes the function read all of the spaces and "force" to go to the next line and continue writing.

    I would much rather "code" it correctly over the gum and shoestring options I outlined above. However, this is not showstopping production killer by any means.

    Your functions rock and I would consider this a minor inconvenience. I am curious what your thoughts are on it.

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