So my Twitch overlay works great! But...

  • Due to the way Twitch secures things, it doesn't like one site talking to another, which means any program that is hosted in the cloud can't get certain info. If I made a local version, I'd be able to grab that data without issue.

    The work around I found is that most local chatbots will post a message, such as "Thanks for the 10 bits!" into the chat. So my cloud bot will scan for such a sentence, then can trigger events based on seeing that message appear.

    Unless I misunderstood what you meant.

  • I'd to like to create a desktop app (NW.js) that anyone could use for their own Stream (not just for my own Stream). So I'm looking for the ability for the user to auth with the api, then redirect back to my game with the oath token so I can grab stream messages and post messages back to the stream. I could make them graph their oath from but that doesn't seem like the best solution

    Not sure if that's close to what you've gotten to or if you're doing it a different method

  • That's pretty much what mine does. It's open to everyone, not just my stream. I've had a few people from here make contact with me asking to try it out :)

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  • My biggest hang up right now is getting the access token. I can use the browser object to go to the URL ( to grant permissions, but I don't know how to get the oath token from the redirect url parameter after granting... do I need to use ajax or something instead?

    Hoping to do this without the need for a hosted site to catch the redirect url

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