Have I tried to oversimplify but actually made it more difficult?

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  • Greetings,

    I'm making a version of Nintendo Game & Watch 'Helmet' in Construct 3 and thought I could deal with the falling objects as one sprite 'enemy'.

    In the screen shot below, I've created one 'enemy' sprite which has five different animations - hammer, bucket, pliers, screwdriver, spanner.

    I've made a global variable 'enemyposition' which sets the size and position of the animation.

    The thing I can't do is create/spawn an enemy every x seconds, have it choose 'enemyposition 1-5' and play the animation, since each time a new object is created, the animation before moves to the size/position of 'enemyposition'. And if I try to destroy an enemy after the animation has finished, it destroys them all.

    Should I have created five separate sprites instead, with a single animation each, rather than try and consolidate them into one enemy, or is there a way I can achieve this and just can't see what I'm meant to do?


    Many thanks :)

  • enemyposition should be an instance variable on the enemy object then you can set it for each created instance

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  • Thanks lionz ! That was it :)

    Much appreciated - and for the fast reply too!!

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