tracking number of enemy deaths

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  • Just to add, you can count objects that exist in a layout using object count. may be better than adding 1 to a variable when they get killed. (note you cant count them if there are none there so you need to do something like if enemy count is >= 1 , else go to next level)

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  • Hi,Where is object count found? I cant locate that,that sounds like what I need.

  • actually was going to suggest the count expression.

    I'm guessing you have a family for all your enemies? Then you would just call familyEnemyGroup.count to get the total number of that wave.

  • Each level has ten waves,lets just say level one has 150 enemies over the ten waves,then the level is over,but in my case the level is not ending after all 10 waves are complete.can I use the count,for the whole 10 waves to count 150 enemy's.

    Thanks everyone for helping me,I couldn't have got this far with this awesome comuinity,I'm learning so much making this game.

  • Hi,Where is object count found? I cant locate that,that sounds like what I need.

    you would find it available inside system condition like "compare two values"

    then the expression would be enemysprite.count" is >= 1 etc.

  • Thanks so much for your help.ill try all the suggestions that where given to me and report back.

  • I finally figured out how to fix this problem and now it also works on,I was basically counting way to many enemys so what I done was to count the last boss on the last wave and bingo it works,so counting 1 enemy death instead of a few hundred was the answer for me,now I can focus on developing my game without frustration:)

    Thanks to everyone.

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