How do I Stop Physics Objects from Behaving Weird around each other?

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  • Here is the right link

    But can you explain why i need to check overlap with family and not the object itself

    Also, in my game i have various different types of blocks and so i put all of block objects in a family and then check family overlapping family and it looks like this

    And as i said its also working for left and up side but not for right and down side of blocks.

  • > yeah i see you removed unmovable property from unmovable blocks, i want them static.

    Enable collisions with all objects, and do this.

    Hi, sorry for the off topic quesiton, but... how in the heck do I create the 'or'? There's gotta be a hotkey or something, I just cant find it.

  • Right Click on Condition, there will be an "Make OR Block" option

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  • Shubi When you check if Sprite is overlapping Sprite, it can pick many instances, not necessarily the one you are dragging. And when you have 4 such conditions combined with OR, I have no idea how they will pick instances and what will be the final result. When you pick the dragging instance first, and then check if it's overlapping other (family) instances, you have a much better control. And when I tried this code, it worked for me, I could attach blocks from any side.

    If you have multiple sprites in a family, the approach will be the same - create a clone family with the same sprites. Pick the instance of the family which is being dragged, then check if it's overlapping CloneFamily.

  • iT WORKED!

    Thanks a lot for your help dop2000 and everyone else!

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