How do I start coding these basic puzzle platform elements?

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  • Hey Guys,

    I'm new to Construct 3, not entirely new to coding or game making. Anyway, I have wrapped my head around the basics of the engine by now, but I want to build a puzzle platformer and would want some advice/examples on how to build puzzles in such a game.

    What I want to achieve: Player pulls lever -> A platform further to the right moves up so you can now reach a new area, but it will only stay up for 10 seconds, come down again and stay down until you pull the lever again. In the new area you reach with the platform, you can push a button, if the platform is up when pushing the button, it will stay up. If by the time you push the button, the platform is on it's way back down, the button does nothing.

    I have the platform basics working in my game: running, jumping, enemy, ... But how do I start building these puzzle elements in an efficient way? I guess I could build something, but it will be far from the best or most efficient way to do it. Can you point me in the right direction? Or is there a good tutorial available for this? Thanks!

  • There are probably bunch of tutorials on puzzle games on Construct channel on youtube or other Construct channels that are not necessarily the official one supported by scirra.

    Your first stop should be at the puzzle tutorial that comes with C3 editor, then dissect that one up and see how was made, there is no good way... is just doing it, all u have to keep in mind is avoid using everytick loops (meaning don't update your text objects on a everytick but use for example actions that are triggered once when the player collects a coin, player dies or walks 1000 pixels etc).

    the same loops should be avoided for any type of action u want to do, if it's not a looping animation or behavior you want to create, it all should check for collisions or conditions only when it's needed, other than that... everything is game. You can do it anyway you want, is a matter of just starting and doing it then figure out later on how to better optimize your code. (make sure you comment your own actions/conditions that way long run of development you won't be confused where something is.)

    have fun!

    (resources can be found at the top of this website under learn/community menu)

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  • Thanks for the reply ! I've been looking for a good YouTube-tutorial about this, but haven't found one yet about this topic, that's why I posted here.

    About the Puzzle tutorial game; is that the Pop Lab-game? Because it's a puzzle game, not a platformer with platformer-puzzles, so not sure how much it can help me.

  • If you want an all encompassing solution, I can recommend Epic Platformer in the store


    It covers many different platformer examples as seen below..

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