Sprite size - One pixel art at 100% scale its not one pixel?

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  • Hello!

    A sprite made in Photoshop with, for example, 10x10px was used in my project. At 100% scale I thought it was at its original size and every square there was a pixel. But by decreasing this sprite to 1% scale there was no distortion, all the painted pixels were there, raising the question: what is the displayed size, because a pixel could not be even smaller.

    The same happened with a degraded circle (made in larger proportions). By lowering it to a size smaller than the 10x10 pixel art for example, it continued a great, non-pixelated circle and with a great gradient. this at the minimum scale size of the Construct properties window, and smaller thant my 10x10 pixel art, what give me the impression that a lot of pixels ( necessary to make a circle and a degrade) is fiting in a one pixel space.

    So I'm not understanding the size parameters and how its really works in the layout.


  • I'm not sure what you're seeing without pictures, but since Construct uses high-quality resizing, if you resize things really small they tend to still look good.

  • I apreciate the help.

    I get in doubt about the measurement unity, if is pixel. Like the Screen size unity, and the sprite height and width. Because I dont know how a sprite 1 height and 1 width can reproduce a circle and grandient so well as are reproduced.

    I attached a image.

  • It's complicated, but roughly speaking 1 unit in the layout is equal to 1 CSS pixel. I can't see any image attached by the way.

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  • Interesting, maybe in a moment I will research on the topic.

    (About the image, when trying to link, only a numeric code like this img = 340xx between [] appeared.

    But for me the issue of the topic has already been resolved. I appreciate the help.)

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