Side scrooling platform issues when player colliding on top of a moving object

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  • Hi.

    I'm trying to do a simple side scrooling platform game.

    Instead of making the camera following the player, i made all things move on the other side.

    Example: while key "D" is pressed, the player moves to the right (using Platform behavior 'move right') until reach the center of screen, then the player stays at the center and all world starts to move to the left (background too, but slower than other objects).

    My problem is: when player jumps and follows on top of another object (an obstacle for example) and keeps moving right, the movement of the object start to be shaking/flickering, i mean not smooth, slowing down the move. Like collision start to toggle each tick (move - not move - move - not move).

    why this is happening? why the object doesn't move left smoothly when player is on top of it?

    object has Solid behavior active, and player has Platform.

    PS: i am moving objects and background instead of the viewport, because i'm making a 2 player split-screen platformer, so the layout is divided, upside for player 1 and downside for player 2, and i can't have 2 cameras following players.

    Any help appreciated.

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  • I would've just coded a camera that zooms in and out depending on how far the players are from each other. Check the collision boxes of the objects.

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