How do I set leaderboard in Playstore? (plugin not working)

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  • Hi, It´s all ok, but still is not saving the score on the leaderboard... So, please help, thanks.

    I have:

    The application android id of the game services in the playstore.

    The option to display leaderboard works, but no score are being shown, because the score is not being settled...

    here is my event to save the score in the leaderboard (tocapuertas is an int) :

    Also, i am not using the action of google game services sign in, but i think is not neccesary,because when i open the game i am receiving the welcome message of play games of Google.Besides, i can see the leaderboard with the action to "display leaderboard"... I´m not using the tag as you can see on the image.

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