How do I reset "set color"?

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  • The problem with searching for "set color" is probably that it's quite an ambiguous term. Lots of things can be set, and lots of things have a color. So you get lots of vague results. Following the manual navigation is another way to find things - it's definitely not a system action for example, because it doesn't appear under the "System" object. Things shared between objects are in the plugin reference "common features" section, and the common "Set color" action is under common actions.

  • Ashley yes that makes sense -- which is why I put double quotes around the "set color" thinking that it was searching on that exact phrase. But it seems it ignores the double quotes? For example, on the old it would return much better results:

  • dop2000 Ashley

    if you go to and type "set color". Nothing comes up. Then you assume its in System Actions because that is the first result. Then you do a CTRL-F and search for "set color" and again nothing. So I honestly looked for a good amount of time. I'm happy to learn the Set Color info is in the doc, but unhappy to know its not easily accessible. In fact, without that link, I don't exactly know how to get there.

    > I prefer using google when searching for something here, for example:


    > "set color" inurl:manuals


    I've been told many times to do my searches using Google that way; with that 'site' and 'inurl'. It's not going to happen, I've never used google that way and its extremely cumbersome for me. Not only do I always forget the syntax, but I've left that command-line style typing back in the 90s. Seems like that syntax could easily be added to the Construct search form no? Is there a reason the Construct Manual Search function is so terrible? Is it a lot of work to make 'search' perform as expected? It almost seems as if it's not indexed or something. Search doesn't seem to be going through all the branches.

    Set Color is in the 3rd result "Common Actions"

  • Noah Gengo yes its very simple to find with hindsight.

    the point is, I'm not a rookie programmer that doesn't know where to look or doesn't want to work at finding things.

    I did find the answer to my issue but only after 15-20 mins of searching the forums. If Doc's search was working as expected it would have taken 1 minute to have the answer.

    The issue was:

    -I didn't exactly know what I was looking for.

    -I knew there was a problem, but I didn't actually know what the problem was.

    -My instinct was to look up Set Color to confirm what it does, but it wasn't in the first search result so I just assumed search was broken so why would I bother looking at the other results? so I moved on to searching for causes of the problem, no longer even looking at 'set color'.

    It's easy to judge things after the fact, and you probably should not do that. Thanks.

  • jobel

    Well I am a rookie programmer and when I run into problems like this it is not uncommon for me to have to do some searching

    I am not judging after the fact, but from a position of someone who has to deal with the very same manual as you and sees no problem with it. The result you wanted was in the third result

    I would suggest changing up your strategy for searching the manual if you cannot bear to have to look past the first search result

  • Also, I think the problem here is that we are spoiled by Google. Their search algorithms are super advanced. With all the AI and machine learning, Google often knows what I want to find better than I do.

    It's wrong to expect the same quality results from the simple search function on this website.

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  • dop2000 that's not really it.. I've used Construct2 for years and was used to the search on the old Scirra Forums. It wasn't comparable to "google levels" of results, but I always found what I was looking for, I never expected it to be at Google standards. But you can't with a straight face say that this new has the same effectiveness as - it just isn't. As a power user of these forums/manual/tutorials I know from experience in the way I work. If Scirra doesn't want to do anything about it, that's fine - I don't blame them, most people seem to have no problem with it. But as a power user I always feel compelled to speak up, I see critical feedback as something a company should want and take seriously as a way to make their product better. I hope it doesn't come off as "entitled", thinking I am saying I should have everything handed to me because I just want it that way. But rather, time is money, and if it takes longer to find answers to basic things, then that's just not good. I mean overall, its a basic UX design issue.

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