How do I read global variables from database?

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Globals 2.0 stores and group variables. You can also load and save data (variables) from/to JSON files.
  • What's stopping one player to run the game 10 times, or open it in 10 browser tabs, and collect all prizes?

    I actually plan to do look for a SMS Verification provider which provides a 4 digit number similar to (TAC) or (OTP), this way I can limit the users based on their mobile phone. So unless they have 10 mobiles, they won't be able to win 10 times, even if they do have 10 mobiles, it is not guaranteed that they'll be able to win on every single device (the game is extremely rng), it's the spinning wheel you showed me. I'm currently digging deeper into this SMS verification provider to see if it's do-able with construct.

    Oh PS: Would like you give you a shoutout dop2000 since you're here. Your solutions across the forums are the absolute best.

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  • I also need to be able to work with an a database file on my website.

    My application would allow users to create their own characters to be used in my games

    and also SHARE their custom characters with other users.

    To do this, I will need to be able to CREATE a NEW database when a user wants to design

    their own characters. Each user would get their own database and each table within the

    database would include custom images, and attributes..


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