How do I get proper kill point value to show when you kill an enemy?

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  • Oh I think I understand. I have just implemented that feature in my game using a Spritefont object. I expect you can do this with any object that displays text.

    So if I understand you correctly you want this:

    I've done it like this:

    1) First I create the text object.

    Then I change its text right after to what I want.

    2) Makes the score text float slowly upwards. It sets the text object's Y coordinate to whatever the coordinate already is, and then subtracts by 0.25. You can change this value to change the speed.

    Hope this was more useful for you. Otherwise, as you can tell, I find it a little hard to figure out completely what you mean. I'll try and help if I can.

  • Yes, your getting close! So I already got them to spawn the value of 50pts from both bullets. But thats the problem, If both bullet hits, I can't get it to spawn the 100pts. In this pic, its an early stage of my point value. You see where it says 100pts right? But if you look at the score, it says 200. Thats because it's bullet is half of that full value but been hit by BOTH bullets. So if an enemey is 50-100pts, you'll either get 50 if you hit with 1 bullet, or 100 if you hit with 2 bullets. Same if enemy is 100-200pts. 100 1 bullet. 200 2 bullets. So im trying to find a way to spawn the full value when both bullets hits enemy giving the player score the full point of that value.

  • Heres what the events look like and how I got it set up in my game.... oh sorry how rough the pic looks btw lol

  • Are you seeing any pictures in my last post? They seem to be gone...

    How about creating a global variable called scoreBuffer? Then you add the points to that buffer from the events you want, tell Construct to wait some miliseconds, and then use the scoreBuffer to display the score?

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  • It's fine, i'll just find a way to make it clear that the player earned their full value by changing the color of the kill points shown. One red , the other blue. If you see both, it means you earned the full value of that score. I would send you my project to take a closer look at it, but its too deep in and too much to try to take out to make a demo of. I did see your pics btw, but when I went to check on the post, for some reason they were gone. Anyways, I appreciate you and plinkies help but I found away around it and close of what im trying to do. Thanks once again.

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