Problem referencing instances from a For Each JSON loop

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  • Wow! you are right!

    it might have something to do with the new functions... I need to run some more tests to make sure I know whats going on.

    thanks for the file - and for humouring me! :)

  • Not a problem. Like I said before. I love this type of debate, because everybody ends learning and, thus, everybody wins. People tend to get personal sometimes and things go sour, but it was not the case here so, thank YOU for insisting on it!

  • OKAY!! so, I am not totally crazy!

    I had two versions of C3 open, and happened to open your sample in R164.3 (the latest stable). It does indeed work the way you said,

    but I just opened it in R168, and it does not work - works the way I said. (adding the wait 0 then makes it do what you want).

    so, I went back to your original file (problem.c3p), opened it in the stable version and divided your function into two and it started working, but it also does not in R168. (haven't tried other versions). So, we have uncovered a bug (or at least a change) in C3...

    do you want to file a bug report with your last sample? it works one way in R164.3 and another way in R168.

    the way it works (or doesn't) in R168 is the historical way I understand picking. the way it works in R164.3 is an improvement - although I find it strange that it works with consecutive function calls, but not when one function calls the second.

    EDIT: just checked other versions - it worked up until R166, stopped working at R167.

  • Weird. Now I'm even more curious! I'll check other versions. As far as I know, some stuff may work differently in beta versions and, then, come back at the next stable.

    Maybe Ashley could shine some light on this issue.

  • I just went all the way back to when the new functions were released in R143 - and the picking worked from that release all the way to R166.

    starting in R167 it now has reverted back to how it worked with the old functions.

    a C2 project that uses the old functions opened with releases R143 to R166 still work the old way, but if you convert to the new buit-in functions starts working the new way.

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  • I just posted a bug report, because Ashley gets tagged in millions of posts and may never see this...

  • brunopalermo

    Ashley just closed my bug report and said they are not going to change it back to how it was working prior to R167. So, you can no longer count on new objects being pickable after a function call - they will not available until after the next top level event.

  • Guess I'll have to wait the next stable release and check it! :)

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