the preview screen for my game goes black?

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  • The link you gave is simply the beta link to Construct 3. Only you can see what you're working on with that link.

    Please refer to my 2nd post in this thread again.

    Are you using Cloud save? If so, go to Project > Save as > Cloud save and save it. Then, you need to go to that site ( for example) and click the share button for that file and create a link to copy. Come back here and paste it into a reply.

    If you don't have Cloud save, then you need to go to Project > Save as > Download a copy and upload that file to a site like,, or and share that link instead.

    In the future, it's best to share a project file that can be opened with the STABLE release of C3. Not everyone uses the BETA release and beta files can't be opened with stable releases.

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  • i tried that it just doesn't work for me for some reason. sorry

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