Player Camera is moving using X on gamepad but can't figure out how to get it moving on y axis

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  • Ah I didn't see it before, you forgot the < symbol before the -30 in your last condition before the else.

    Should be:


    Translated it is: First Gamepad, Right Analog Stick X-Axis is greater than 30 or is less than -30

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  • FYI you still have the 8 direction behaviour on your sprite object.

    You can do this all without using a sprite object and scroll to behaviour also, just replace the two set sprite position actions to System "Scroll to Position", copy the X and Y expressions from your current set position actions, and within those expressions replace 'sprite.X&Y' with scrollx & scrolly.




    If you do this, make sure you don't have the scrollto behaviour active on any objects.

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