piz help compare at X is just not working I guess

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  • idk if that image works

    but why does this not work

    Event is "every tick" and a condition is "Compare at X" (30 > Array.Health)"

    and the action is kinda irelevant...but whenever the array becomes 30+...nothing happens nad I've been look ing at it for 30 min and I just can't figure out why...soo anyone out there smarter than I am..heres the code btw {"is-c3-clipboard-data":true,"type":"events","items":[{"eventType":"block","conditions":[{"id":"every-tick","objectClass":"System"},{"id":"compare-at-x","objectClass":"Array","parameters":{"x":"30","comparison":4,"value":"Array.ZealotHealth"}}],"actions":[{"id":"destroy","objectClass":"Sprite4"}]}]}

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  • You do not need the "Every tick" condition.

    Your array condition only concerns the value that is stored in the cell of X 30 in your array.

    When the value for this cell is greater than the value of the instance variable ZealotHealth of your array, the action happens.

    "whenever the array becomes 30+"

    It means that it has more cells than 30, right ?

    Well, it does not matter as your condition only applies to the cell of index 30.

    You should rather explain clearly what you are trying to attempt, post the c3p of what you have done, what you expect the code to do, what you experience it doing instead.

    Be as clear and detailed as possible.

    This way you'll get the more accurate answer possible.

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