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  • I made a little example with the orbit-behavior. You can release or catch the planet from the the orbit.


    Ahh yeah that is perfect. Thanks a lot for doing that.

    I appreciate both of your help. I learnt two different ways of orbiting and both are excellent.

    I could make a tutorial about orbit I guess with a bit more practice. It would be nice to pay it forward and help people (if you guys don't mind me using parts of your caps combined with stuff I will learn?

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  • Haha, im just glad you learned something, sure you can use any code inside my examples however you want.

    > You need to use the values to adjust the sprite object position that will move around in a circle.


    > here is my orbit example | test it live

    Thanks bro, that is really good and works so well.

    However if i try to add any drag and drop behaviour or touch, the moon just stops.?

    yea that is cause it needs a everytick condition to change the A and update the position.

    for position on moon that needs some more adjustments probably more than a couple :D

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