Not sure to understand Pick function

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  • Hello guys,

    Just a question about logic this time, I'm not sure to understand why and when using "Pick by X" function.

    For exemple If I want to pick an entity "Colide" where ID=5, I can just start my new condition by "Collision ID=5" instead of using pick, and it will works... so what is the interest of using it?

    I'm from Clickteam Fusion and I'm a bit disturbed (in a good way) to easily pick an instance, instead of using multiple for each and pick conditions :P

    Thanks a lot!

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  • Many object's events in Construct can pick instances. For example "Is visible", "Is on screen", "Compare X", "Compare instance vairiable" etc. And there are additional System events for picking.

    So if you have an instance variable ID on the sprite, you can use "Sprite Compare variable ID=5" to pick, or "System Pick by comparison". But the first method is simpler, and it makes the event sheet easier to read.

  • Ok so better use Comparable Variable if possible, and keep "Pick" if it's really needed.

    I understand, thanks a lot!

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