Need help in very complicated random

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  • okay let me explain (this is a game for Kids)

    i have given dino two LiteTween behaviors (move_in & move_out)

    i also have a sprite with name "Preview" with same color which we picked from chooser

    on starting all three dino's are out of layout

    when we choose color from chooser all three dino comes in (from left) having 3 different color

    we have to choose same color as "Preview"

    If we select the wrong color then that will just move_out (move to right) Out of layout. and then we have to select out of two remaining dino.

    If we select the correct one other two dino move_out Out of layout.

    and picked dino will go out after 1 second. and all three dino's will reached out of layout then I want them to come in again from left

    in Short

    in the game there are three dino with three color and a preview color for kids and same colored dino they have to pick.

    They will choose a color from chooser and they have to pick right color 5 times which mean all dino will appear 5 times.

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  • I don't know.. There are lots of ways you can count those dino instances that are moving out. You can use "LiteTween on end" event and set some instance variable on dino. (for example set finished=1). Then pick all instances with finished=1 and use dino.pickedcount expression

    Or use a global variable as a counter. Or pick dino sprites by comparing x>layoutwidth and again use dino.pickedcount to count them..

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