Need a better way to highlight and select positions around a circle...

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  • R0J0hound

    Then it utilizes “for each ordered” to sort them by distance. It would be the same as “pick closest” but it also adds a fraction of the perpendicular distance so it prefers the dots closer to the direction pressed as opposed to just one of them when they are all the same distance away.

    this bit is clever!

    what am I doing wrong here? it only stays on the middle one

  • I think I need to actually test it to see what’s up. Sorry about that.

    One thing that comes to mind is maybe you should move the selection to the closest dot in every tick. It may not be exactly on it since pin is delayed a frame.

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  • Ah, the issue was how i was doing the keyboard stuff. The joy variables were being set in the key triggers but they'd be 0 by the time the move event came up so it wouldn't move.

    Anyways here's the working version:


    You can tune it a bit by changing the /1000. I picked that so the perpendicular distance had a low influence. You can set it lower to make it affect it more.

  • R0J0hound wow this is great thanks, yeah the actual application of what I am trying to doesn't have that center one directly in the center.

    here is dop2000's version I modified it slightly. It sometimes skips a point.

    next I will try it your way to see if that off center one gives it a problem. I will also try to upload a video of what I am trying to so it makes more sense.

  • R0J0hound I readed about a great example made by you, about letter tracing game in construct2. Do you still have it? Could you share with me? Thanks in advance

  • antigenmx

    Probably better to ask in the topic where I originally posted it. I don’t recall it.

    Also It’s not a relevant question to this topic. Kind of bad form to hijack a topic like that. By tagging someone they well see it no matter where it is.

  • Sorry about the hijacking, but i don't found the original post.

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