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  • Hello! I want to create an animated player, consisting of parts like arms, legs, body and head as in Magicite or Roguelands.

    My idea is like this I have one central shapeless object and I want other parts of the player to stick their coordinates to him. It looks like this: main object 0, 0 - arm 0, 2; main object 1, 1 - arm 1, 3. But I have a problem. I have to animate the arm movings to frames (for ex.: first 0-15 frames - they go to right 3; next 16-30 frames they go down 4). For ex.: main object first frame 0, 0 - arm 0, 2; main object 1,1 - arm 1, 5; main object 2, 2 - arm -2, 6 including animation movings. Please help me!

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  • I suggest you take a look at the Spriter plugin: ... onstruct-2

    I'm not sure, however, if it has been ported to C3 yet.

    If you can't use Spriter, you might get away with pinning arms to the body and correctly positioning image points in each frame. It depends on how complex you want your animation to be. There are also a couple of plugins that allow to pin to image points.

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