How do i use "Move to" on Multiplayer?

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  • Hi,

    Im starting use multiplayer componnent, making sprite player move to last touch position (x,y) using Behavior [MoveTo]

    On Host side, everyting is ok, and the Peer see the sprite move, but is Peer site try to move but theres some insue movement .

    I have look to multiplayer examples and read one note:

    "Note an important detail is that we rely on the bits in the 'inputs' variable, updated by the above event, to know which controls are being pressed. We do not test actual mouse or keyboard input here. The reason for this is that the input states are by default only sent to the host 30 times a second, whereas the game typically runs at 60 FPS, so inputs are only sent about every other frame. If we tested for input directly in this event, then we might not actually send that input to the host until the next frame. This would mean locally we move the peer one more frame than the host will have, which will make the player deviate slightly more from the host and cause more input prediction error. By only moving the player with controls we know we've already sent to the host the player is more likely to stay in sync."

    So, is there some solution for "move to" on Peer side, or something that i can use touch "tap-to-move" ?

    Best Regards


  • Hello,

    I have tested several option, but i think its not possible use touch mobile input on peer side.

    Touch and multiplayer will not married yet

    If some one have any tip to use touch on multiplayer i apreciate.

  • Hello,

    I remember i succeed that by sending the x y coordinates as message to the host.

    Right now im not on my pc but when i go home i will look for the project and i will send it to you if i still have it.

  • Like sending to chat?

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  • I didnt found the project , i delete all the multiplayer after i transfer to photon.

    But it was something like that

    I advise you to give a chance to photon.

  • Thank for the tip, and i will check photon to know more about it.

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