How do I move events to subevents or out of the groups of events etc?

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  • Hi folks I'm having hard time to understand how the indent works in the event sheet.

    In this example:

    How do I indent the every tick part as a sub event of the every 0.3 seconds?

    I saw it's possible to move events dragging them where the black line appears but some of these indents as this one I mentioned are not working.


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  • I would highlight the "Every tick" line within the block, and delete it. Then just highlight the main block which will now only have the "Every 0.3 seconds" condition, and press "S" on the keyboard. This will add a new Sub-Event. Then set up the "Every tick" as the sub-condition. If that is your intention.

    Then just drag any events that belong under "Every tick" sub-condition down to the block to the right of it.

    Dragging and dropping Events/Actions should change the highlight line of where it will go, depending on the position it is dragged to. In this case, it's probably easier to just delete the line, create the sub-condition, and drag the events in. If you are having a tricky time getting it to drag to the correct position...

  • Thanks. Yes I managed to delete it but I was wandering if there is a way to indent it without deleting.

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