How can I monitor online data load/save in prev?

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  • Sorry if this has been dealed with before, but couldn't find.

    My game is a battle board game. Each player may choose among different troops to make its army. Each troop has its own stats.

    So after much reading around here, mainstream opinion is that DB should be online to prevent cheaters modifying their local files. So I now have a JSON hosted online.

    I am learning how to work with JSON object, load it into an array, pull only paths, send back, etc. But now I am stuck.

    I can't learn which steps I am doing wrong for I cannot see whether the data is being correctly parsed or updated.

    I have read that is not possible to sync data to an online DB while on prev. So, can't I monitor data being saved/loaded correctly until game is compiled?

    Debugging is not helping me either.

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