is LOS add/clear objects global?

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  • tarek2

    I guess it's for performance as it's easier to maintain just one list for all the instances than each instance having its own list but this is just speculation not sure if it's 100% accurate.

    this makes total sense.

    so what I really need to do is set up a different los behavior for each "faction".

    yes I would love to be able to individually set obstacles

  • lionz

    Families are good for applying one thing to everything in the family to minimize redundant events but they're not good for doing the opposite and setting one family member with one option and another family member with another option

    I disagree with this. I do this all the time, I just check the objects "race" to figure out which faction it belongs to.

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  • Yes but you can't do that when adding it as an obstacle, it is the object or entire 'family'

  • lionz yes, that was the point of the thread. the doc doesn't really explain it like this... so now I need to set up separate events for "ray intersected" for each faction of objects.

    luckily I only have 1 weapon that uses ray casting. The laser sight beam uses raycasting but that is only for the player and for the turrets. So those will also need to be separated.

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