How do I use a limited range of animation frames?

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  • Hello friends,

    I have made a simple matching game with a target image and a grid of six images (I'm calling them "spawn images") that you have to pick from to match the target (by animation frame comparison).

    The target and spawn images have a lot of animation frames, and therefore there are a lot of non-matches since the grid has only six images (it's for small children). I'd like to use a timer or another method to periodically change to a different range of frames for both the target and spawned images, thereby limiting the number of images used and creating more matches.

    The spawned images are randomized, and the target image goes in a sequential loop, but the frames are indentical for both. I don't want to split the images into separate animations, just to use a range of the available frames.

    I'd prefer to state it in terms of a percent of all frames, since I will add/subtract content over time. I also have several different categories (animations) of images, each animation with a different number of frames, so a percentage is much better.

    Basic use scenario is:

    1. User chooses animals category. The animals animation has 40 frames.

    2. The first 25% of frames are employed initially.

    3. After 20 seconds (or whatever, determined by a timer), the next 25% are used

    4. etc. up to 100%, and then cycle.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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