How do I do levels without a level menu?

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  • C3

    I started this last week, went around in circles and then rethunk it.

    Do you need a menu to do different levels?

    This weeks challenge is to learn to make a game with many levels using just one layout, a couple of event sheets (just to keep everything organized) without a menu.

    What should happen is: the app opens, the player sees the intro screen. The player clicks start and goes right to the level where they left off.

    So right now, the player clicks start, enters the game at level 1 (All Good). The player clicks Win and the win sign ups up for a second. The score goes to 1, the level goes to 2 and then the yellow block appears (a visual indication it's level 2). (Just as it should)

    That works perfectly. But when I click Win again, it doesn't go to level 3 and the green block doesn't appear. It works from level 1 to level 2, but not to level 3.

    This isn't the game, this is just working out how to make the game:

  • Hi!

    The mistake is that you have MaxLevel in some events where you're supposed to use CurrentLevel.

    Also, there is no "Maximum Level" layout.

    Also, for all objects that act like buttons you should use "On touched" or "On object tap" events, not "Is touching".

    Here is a fixed project:

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  • If you're new to C3 you might be helped with some of the tuts on my youtube channel.

    For example this one where sudoku is implemented does something like what you describe:

    Hope that helps

  • dop2000,

    Thank you for the reply.

    I've been going over the demo you made and I'm confused (not surprising lol)

    The demo holds the level unless it's closed, then when it reopens it starts at level 1 again.

    I think that on the intro layout I need some kind of logic in system > go to layout, but not sure what to put so it starts at the last level. Unless it needs something on the game layout like when game opens check max level and start there.

    Any hints?

    Thanks again.

  • Again, there is a bit of mix-up with currentLevel and maxLevel variables. If you are always playing maxLevel and it's not possible to go back and replay already completed levels, then you don't need two variables..

    To resume from the maxLevel when you restart the game, you can do this:

  • dop2000,

    Oh! I thought of that, but I put it in On start of layout, thinking it needed to see it right away.

    That makes much more sense. Thank you!

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